Domain Name & Website Hosting

Why do I need a domain Name?

A domain name is an online address that customers will use to find your company on the internet. In order to have a web presence, you need a website. The domain name is the first requirement. The address that customers will use will be in this format

Domain Name & Website Hosting JHL Web Services

The second requirement is hosting. Hosting is space you rent out on a server where your website resides. In order for your website to be viewed, a visitor will type in your domain address into an internet browser, which requests from the server for the page to be displayed in the browser window.

2 Steps to get online...

Step 1 - Choose your Domain

Use our WHOIS name lookup, to identify if your company name is available for registration.


Step 2 - Contact Us

Step 3 - Prepare your content

Start to gather your content for your website.
This includes elements such as product and service information, target markets and marketing materials.

The Internet begins and ends with the domain name. Buy yourself a good one and you own a greater chunk of the Internet than if you buy 10,000 bad ones. That’s why generic names are expensive.
Frank T. Schilling
Founder of Uniregistry Corporation