Social Media - Digital Word of Mouth

Social Media has in many ways reduced the amount of face to face interaction we experience, but in the same breath, it (social media) has also enlarged the number of people we interact with on a daily basis.

Social media is the digital version of word of mouth. It is word of mouth 2.0. Instead of getting product and service endorsements from people verbally. Social Media allows endorsements to be given electronically and visible to anybody who uses your website.

Social Media is made up of many forms of online platforms, each with its own content and audience. These platforms can take many different forms; blogs, videos, Q&A services, forums, product and service reviews and business network groups. Some well-known platforms are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Each digital social media platform has its own audience, marketing activities, rules and content type. Some platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are more open-ended and allow all forms of content, including video, advertising, one to one conversations, business and personal messaging. While YouTube is really focused on video content, Imgur & Instagram are platforms for sharing images. 

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Why use social media on your website?

To keep your website fresh with new content and ideas can become a challenge. Using your social media platforms is an easy and quick way of keeping your website relevant and up to date.

Your social media is not always about selling your product and services but should rather be used to engage your customers, friends and family.

Remember that the people on your social media platforms are looking at your posts for their reasons, not yours. They might like your FaceBook page because they are a friend or a family member. They might not need your service. The upside of this is that someone on their network of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn followers might need your service or product.

On average each person on FaceBook has 200 friends that follow them.

This is the power of Social Media.

Not all your personal followers will LIKE your business page.
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200 of your friends x 200 of their friends = Potential Audience of 40 000

Increase traffic to your website
Engage with Customers
Build brand loyalty
Great for customer service
Large Audience
Targetable advertising
Measurable results
Generates customer interaction
Improves search engine rankings
Allows for market research

Time Consuming
Constant monitoring
Competition for audience
ROI hard to calculate
Generating engagement can be difficult
Going viral is rare
Not an overnight solution