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Basic websites are better than having NO website at all.

Did you Know?

Websites are a fundamental business tool.

Ask Yourself?

Is your company missing out on valuable leads?

Your Customers!

Are your customers looking for you on-line?


Are you on-line?

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Website Design Solutions

On Page One - Single One Page Website
Single Page Website
Websites Design starting from R125* per month
Websites from R125* per month
Five page website design solution
Five Page Website Design

Websites are your silent salespeople

We want to create no fuss, easy to use and informative websites.
Giving your customer what they need, when they need it.

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What a SIMPLE AFFORDABLE WEBSITE must accomplish!

Requirements for a website?

Websites are very basic, they are the digital equivalent of the want ads or the good old yellow pages.

  • Just like the ads in most magazines and newspapers, you need to “rent” space. This is the first requirement for your web page, this is called hosting.
  • You also need a name for your site, this is the second requirement, the domain name, or website address.
  • Thirdly, you need content, this is the hardest part, your knowledge, and understanding of your product is the content.
  • Finally, you need a website designer to put this all together and get it online.

About JHL Web Services

JHL Web Services is based in Randburg.
Offering small and medium businesses the opportunity to get their company on the Internet.

We take the complexity of web design and make it simple.

What are websites?

They are your companies online 24 /7, never sick, never late, never tired #silentsalesperson.

They are not human but a collection of individual web pages describing who, where, why and what your company has to offer.

This collection of pages make up your website. Your online presence. Your business card in the cloud.

Let JHL Web Services digitize your company.